Wooden ghura. Churning-rod holder with double ancestor figure. The ghura is an utensil to be found in many households in Nepal. The object keeps the churning-rod on its place during churning the milk. (to make butter and cheese). This simple object is very important in the lives of the people in the country-side. Besides a daily use, the churning of the milk stands for the common primal awareness in relation towards the creation myth; Man was created after the gods churned the primal ocean. 200 years ago, Darwin founded that all life came from the ocean. The people in the Himalaya knew this already at least 5000 years ago or even much longer. Maybe we can see the ghura as the axis of the Nepali universe. Almost every aspect of life of the traditional Nepali from the country side, is to be found on this fascinating object. As well daily life, religious subjects and primal concepts. (1st half 20th century)